Are there many other functions of the air conditioner fan? Do you know what the air conditioner factory says?

Are there many other functions of the air conditioner fan? Do you know what the air conditioner factory says?

Remember when we were very young, in the summer, my mother would take a fan to cool us, because there was no electric fan then; Later, electric fans appeared at home, often stuck in the fan there; Later, the home installed air conditioning, can be comfortable where cool; Now that you have the air conditioner fan, is the air conditioner fan working? What are the advantages relative to fan and air conditioning? Come to know with air conditioner fan manufacturer next.

I. introduction of air conditioner fans

The so-called air conditioner fan, as the name implies, is a household appliance that combines air conditioning and electric fan. It is a brand new concept fan. Like air conditioning, it has many functions such as air supply, cooling, heating, air purification and humidification. So, compared with ordinary fan air-conditioning fans, air-conditioning fans more pure and fresh air, remove peculiar smell, lower the room temperature about 5-6 ℃; Compare with air conditioning, have low power consumption, price is medium to fall, some products also have warm wind action and add the function of negative ion, volume is small, convenient move wait for an advantage. However, the air conditioner fan also has some disadvantages. The air conditioner fan is not very good for large area of cooling, and it has no dehumidification function.

2. Use skills of air conditioner fans

Air conditioning fan combines the characteristics of electric fan and air conditioning, so air conditioning fan easy to use? How should we use the air conditioner fan? The following air conditioning fan manufacturers to introduce air conditioning fan use knowledge.

1. Placement: the air conditioner fan should be placed horizontally and not tilted, and the parameters of the socket and air conditioner fan should be checked before use.

2. Water addition: the air conditioner will drip when it is used, but the air conditioner fan should be water added. The new air conditioner or the air conditioner fan after being used for a long time must be filled with water before use, or water should be replenished when the water level drops to the "lowest" position, otherwise the cooling effect will be lost.

3. Ice making: in addition to adding water frequently, air conditioner fans also need to freeze ice crystals. Frozen ice crystals can be taken and placed in the refrigerator for a period of time every night.

4, air-conditioning fans factory maintenance tips: if winter without air-conditioning fans, you should put the clean air-conditioning fans, first of all of the water in the tank should be cleaned up, moreover, air-conditioning fans after long time use, the screen will gather dust and dirt to block the tuyere, influence airflow and cooling effect, so it often clean.