The manufacturer of air conditioning fan supports the solution that air conditioning fan does not fill water

The manufacturer of air conditioning fan supports the solution that air conditioning fan does not fill water

When summer weather is hot, there is air conditioning in the home, turned on air conditioning in succession, nevertheless some people live outside, and it is brief to live, so bad buy air conditioning, feel very hot nevertheless, need the electric appliance that sends out air conditioning like air conditioning to help reduce heat, so what method can solve? Of course, the air conditioner fan is here to solve this problem. Let me show you the relevant knowledge about air conditioner fan by attracting investment of the air conditioner fan.

Air conditioning fans manufacturer solution: the working principle of air conditioning fans

Air conditioning fan can be said to be the product that air conditioning and electric fan combine, it is opposite common electric fan character, more purify air, cleared the function such as peculiar smell, and avoided the generation of air conditioning disease again, energy-saving save electricity, it is the new choice of domestic refrigeration small household appliance. Air-conditioning fans is different from the air conditioning, it has no compressor, no freon, but through the built-in pump water cycle inside the machine, and the surrounding air cooling, general 3 ℃ to 5 ℃ lower than the room temperature. Compared with air conditioning, the influence range of air conditioner fan is relatively small, of course, it is also relatively power saving, and the power is only about 60-80w, which is called "physical energy storage refrigeration" by experts. Of course, the biggest advantage of air conditioner fan is the price, its price and its performance are the same, from the air conditioning and fan, cheap but a good point fan price, so in recent years a lot of consumers love.

Air conditioning fan manufacturer solution: air conditioning fan does not water solution

1. There is no blockage of foreign matter in the outlet pipe of the pump, so the water cannot be pumped out. It is suggested to dredge the outlet pipe of the pump.

2. The water level switch is broken, resulting in no working signal of the feed pump on the main board of the air conditioner fan control;

3. The pump is broken. If the conditions are met, the pump can be disassembled and cleaned.

Air conditioning fans manufacturer solution: air conditioning fans have negative effects

1. Any product cannot be said to have no negative effect at all, but how the negative effect will affect consumers. For instance, electric fan is opposite blow, can produce the circumstance of headache, wait for air conditioning room to be able to appear for a long time air conditioning disease symptom, air conditioning fan also won't be perfect nature.

2. As the principle of air conditioner fan determines that it is mainly cooled by water cooling cycle, the use of it in summer will cause condensate water in air vents and other places, where bacteria are most likely to grow, and the bacteria will be blown into the air along with the cold wind. In addition, the wind that air of air conditioning fan blows contains moisture, often use can make indoor humidity is too big, make the person pregnant woman or rheumatism this kind of resistance is weaker person gets eczema, irritability dermatitis.

3. Of course, negative effects of air conditioner fans are not inevitable. As long as the condensation water is cleaned in places such as air outlets on time and kept clean and sanitary, the breeding of bacteria can be avoided. Pregnant women and rheumatic friends are advised to use less or mix with regular fans.

The relevant knowledge about the investment attraction of the air conditioner fan of sharp platinum group, as well as the relevant methods of troubleshooting, are introduced here. Hope it can help you!