What are air-conditioned ice crystals? How long can it last? The air conditioner manufacturer will tell you

What are air-conditioned ice crystals? How long can it last? The air conditioner manufacturer will tell you

Nowadays, our living conditions are getting better and better. Some of the rare appliances in the past are very common for us now, which greatly facilitates our life. Especially for air conditioners, it's not just our summer home appliances, but winter heating as well. In summer, the fan is also very important, but the cooling effect of the fan is far less than air conditioning, so the air-conditioner fan like air conditioning was born. Household electrical air - conditioner fans use ice crystals to cool, but they don't last as long as air conditioners do. So are you familiar with the ice crystals joined by the sharp platinum air conditioner fans? Today, we will introduce air conditioner ice crystal to you to see how long it can be used.

Introduction to air-conditioner fan ice crystal box

High strength and low temperature resistant material is generally used in the shell of ice crystal box. Freezing, cold storage of liquid generally 12 ℃ below zero, namely the ice to 12 degrees below zero, the freezing point of water is higher than the ice, so the cold storage and dissolve the cold release is far greater than the water, directly enhancing cooling refrigeration, has cold feet, rapid cooling, slow release cold storage, etc. The air conditioner fan ice crystal box is sealed with aluminum cover with rubber plug, free of leakage, non-toxic, in line with hygiene standards, and has large storage capacity. It is now widely used for air-conditioner fan enhancement for cooling and cooling. Freeze ice crystals in refrigerator for 5 to 6 hours, then put them into air-conditioned water tank to cool down.

Advantages of air conditioner fans

The price of air conditioner fan is below the average level, which is higher than the general fan in cooling intensity and lower in power consumption. It has the function of warm air and negative ions, and is small in volume and convenient to move. And it's less harmful to the human body. The air conditioner of the manufacturer combines the advantages of air conditioner and electric fan, for example, the air conditioner blows out machine wind, and needs to be in a closed environment, which is easy to make people feel uncomfortable. Although the fan is natural, if the environment is dirty the wind is also very dirty. And a large number of air conditioning fans can filter air, if there is a layer of photocatalyst also can play sterilization effect.

How long can air-conditioned ice crystals last?

In general, a air-conditioning fans after six hours of frozen ice box of effective use of time is 2-3 hours, then doesn't have much effect, need to change air-conditioning fans ice box, if you use air-conditioning fans joined sharp platinum products, so a lot to prepare a few air-conditioning fans ice box, can change to use, general each air-conditioning fans ice box of use fixed number of year of 3-5 years, because the inside of the filler will volatilize with use.