Air conditioner manufacturers tell you the difference between mobile air conditioner and air conditioner!

Air conditioner manufacturers tell you the difference between mobile air conditioner and air conditioner!

In terms of the choice of heating and cooling equipment for all of us, we usually choose a suitable equipment to use. Air conditioning and air conditioning fans are the most suitable equipment, among which mobile air conditioning fans are popular among consumers. However, are there any differences between the two types of equipment? Today, we will introduce the air conditioning fans to you.

The basic difference between mobile air conditioner fan and mobile air conditioner

Air conditioning fan: air conditioning fan is water medium, can send the cold wind below room temperature, also can send the warm moist wind. Compared with the electric fan, the air conditioner fan has the function of fresh air and odor cleaning, and the power is only about 60-80w. The air conditioner that locates between air conditioning and fan, to broad salaried gens and old city dweller, use it to be able to avoid the trouble of electric meter tripping already, have cool and refreshing and carefree feeling again. Air conditioner fan is a new concept fan, which has the functions of air supply, refrigeration, heating, air purification and humidification.

Mobile air conditioning: the model of mobile air conditioning and volume are the same as domestic vacuum cleaner, have fashionable, light, dexterity wait for individual character charm. The machine body is equipped with power plug, and the housing base is installed with four universal casters, which can make the air conditioner move as it wishes and keep it cool. Mobile air conditioning is a kind of design concept that breaks through tradition, the bodily form is petite, high energy effect is compared, low noise, need not install, can be placed at will the mobile air conditioning inside different building.

What is the difference between the function effect of mobile air conditioner and mobile air conditioner?

Air conditioner fan: the air conditioner fan can reduce the temperature of the common fan by about 5-6 degrees, which is low in power consumption. Some products also have the function of warm air and negative ions. It is not very good for large area of cooling effect, with no dehumidification function, and it is difficult to use in places with high temperature. When used, it will increase air humidity, but it is more suitable for regions with dry weather.

Mobile air conditioning: the effect of temperature control and traditional air conditioning. It can adjust the temperature of indoor air obviously, and can adjust to different temperature according to need. But the indoor air temperature is not uniform after use, easy to cause discomfort, and easy to suffer from air conditioning. At the same time, the power is large and the power consumption is high.

What's the difference in energy consumption between a mobile air conditioner and a mobile air conditioner?

Air conditioner fans: most of the buyers of air conditioner are single workers and foreigners. On one hand, the room is not big enough to use air conditioner fans. On the other hand, the consumption level is in the middle. The price of the air conditioner fan manufacturer is quite amiable, the price that has a few hundred pieces only, air conditioner fan when starting refrigeration only 60-80w, it may be said everybody can afford cool and refreshing.

Mobile air conditioning: suitable for office, outdoor temporary command center, open workshop and other public places; Machine room, equipment and instrument room with high precision requirements; One machine multipurpose civilian room, kitchen and so on and high salary gens but often move, the group that rents a building. Mobile air conditioners generally consume more than 2000W of electricity, except for environmental protection. At present, the lowest mobile air conditioners of the brand are around 3000.