Air purifier manufacturers remind the use of air purifier three major mistakes not to make!

Air purifier manufacturers remind the use of air purifier three major mistakes not to make!

The weather is hot and the air conditioner is easy to use. If you add air purifier to adjust and adjust, you will feel that the room is clean and fresh. But maybe not.

In hot weather, the use of sharp platinum air purifier should be aware of 3 major mistakes, otherwise the purifier is easy to become "aggravator".

You can't treat everything.

"It's effective in removing bacteria, mold, dust mites and formaldehyde "-- there are a variety of advertisements for air purifiers on the market. Song guangsheng points out, air purifier is a big concept only, at present on the market air purifier 80% is adsorptive type, it can absorb the bacterium in the air environment inside the room, mould, dirt mite and so on, can raise air clean degree, suit to have old person and child at home. But the adsorption air purifier couldn't cope with the formaldehyde in the newly renovated room.

It's not a long life

Some people expect the reeper air purifier to be in permanent service once they get it, even when they get sick. In the office of China's indoor environment monitoring working committee, a number of consumers have brought in "sick machines", which do not create pleasant air, but instead blow the sour smell of corruption. Originally, these disease machine use everyday, year by year, the machine core in airframe and filer net accumulate by the day became microbe refuge instead. The expert suggests, want to let "air guard" do not become "air killer", air purifier had better clean once 3 months, change machine core and filter net one year or two new.

Ozone is a double-edged sword

Purifiers that use ozone to clean the air are common and were once a popular concept. The air purifier manufacturers are reminded to be careful when using such air purifiers. As ozone is toxic, people should walk away when using ozone air purifiers indoors. In addition, ozone can also accelerate the aging of rubber products, so it is not suitable for use in the car clean air.

Future 3 to 5 years, the domestic average each year about 10 million households need to different degrees of interior decoration, of which 60% concentrated in large and medium-sized cities, every year large and medium-sized cities only new decorate a family to decorate besides polluting the potential demand of air purifier in 6 million, but currently on the market can really solve decorate pollution air purifier is not much.