Air purifiers tell you the difference between smart air purifiers and traditional ones

Air purifiers tell you the difference between smart air purifiers and traditional ones

Traditional air purifiers

The shape composition of the air purifier is mainly the case, filter section, air duct design, motor, power supply, liquid crystal display, etc. The life is decided by the motor, the purification efficiency is determined by the filter section, and the quiet is decided by the air duct design, housing, filter section, motor.

The air purifier is mainly composed of motor, fan, air filter net and intelligent monitoring system. Some models of the machine are equipped with water tank with humidification function, or auxiliary purification device, such as negative ion generator and high-voltage circuit. Air filter is one of the core components. Other cleaning devices actually only have auxiliary functions, so the quality of the air filter is the direct impact of the air purifier is the most critical factor.

Motor fan, as the core of the sharp platinum air purifier, is also an indispensable part. Its main function is to control air circulation. Air with contaminants is inhaled and filtered before being blown clean.

Intelligent air purifier

Intelligent mobile air purification robot can move independently, find air pollution source and purify air. Combined with the characteristics of traditional air purifier and robot, it breaks through the limitation that traditional air purifier can only purify at fixed point, bringing clean air to every room and realizing the whole house without gradient purification.

The air purification robot is usually equipped with LDS laser scanning system, environmental identification system that can monitor air changes in real time, walking identification system that can be sensitive to obstacle avoidance, and 3M professional purification filter material, matching the air inlet surface, which can purify air layer by layer, filter and sterilize in one step.

First, intelligent mobile air purification robots are capable of moving cruise purification. Intelligent mobile air purifier combines traditional air purifier with intelligent robot to automatically cruise and purify the whole house. The innovative LDS laser scanning system can scan the home environment 360 degrees in parallel, update the electronic map in real time and guide the machine to move. As long as users set purification points in each room, the intelligent mobile air purification robot will automatically move to different purification points, automatically feel the air quality of the surrounding environment, and conduct purification work. When the air quality of one cleaning point reaches high quality, it will enter another cleaning point in the set order for optimization. For each space to bring clean air, rapid realization of the whole house without gradient purification.

Secondly, intelligent mobile air purification robots can connect in real time with mobile apps. The indoor air quality and purification effect can be checked at any time through the mobile APP, and the data can be recorded synchronously to realize remote control. At the same time, you can make a seven-day appointment, select the purification mode, and view the history and share it in the circle of friends.

Air purifier manufacturers analyze the difference between intelligent air purifier and traditional air purifier

The air filter (strainer) plays an important role in air purification. Most air purifiers in the market mainly achieve the purpose of purifying the air by filtering through the filter screen, and the filter screen is mainly divided into particulate filter screen and organic filter screen. The particle strainer is divided into coarse and fine strainer. Organic filter is divided into formaldehyde filter, deodorization filter, activated carbon filter. Each filter is aimed at different sources of pollution, and the principles of filtration are different.

According to its structure, there are three kinds of products on the market: flat structure air purifying device, honeycomb hexagon air purifying device and round hole air purifying and disinfecting device.

In order to be more intuitive understanding, monitoring air quality, air purifier is equipped with intelligent monitoring system, can be simple to understand for air quality monitors, with built-in real-time monitoring equipment can make difference in good judgment about the quality of the air, consumers can choose according to the air quality situation using sharp platinum collect air purifier.

The home field is the main product in the market with the single-machine household air purifier. The most important function is to remove particulate matter in the air, including allergens, indoor PM2.5, etc., while solving the air pollution problems of indoor, underground space and vehicle volatile organics caused by decoration or other reasons. The main feature is spot purification, which can effectively improve regional air quality.