The air purifier manufacturer introduces five steps of selecting air purifier

The air purifier manufacturer introduces five steps of selecting air purifier

As people pay more and more attention to indoor air quality, air purifier has also become one of the household products that people choose. And at present the air purifier brand on market is very various, want to choose and buy the air purifier that suits oneself most, need oneself to have basic understanding to air purifier. So, how to buy a proper air purifier? Here are five steps to buying an air purifier.

First, figure out what to expect

If your primary goal is to remove particulate matter, you can choose to buy a sharp platinum air purifier with a HEPA air filter. HEPA air filter is one of the most advanced air filtration materials in the field of indoor air purification at present. It has a strong ability to purify smoke and dust, inhalable particulate matter and bacteria and viruses. If you want to remove formaldehyde, it's best to include a deformaldehyde filter. For example, the air purifier with five heavy filters: the front filter, the HEPA filter, the deodorization filter, the humidification filter and the deformaldehyde filter.

Second, a rational view of the air purifier's various functions

In order to attract the attention of consumers, purifier products are competing with a variety of tricks. At this point, consumers will learn to identify, which is practical, which is optional.

Third, comprehensive consideration of the air purifier purification capacity

The use area of the sharp platinum air purifier with different power is different. If the room is large, the air purifier with higher air volume should be selected. For example, a room of 25 square meters is suitable for purifying with rated air volume of 200 cubic meters per hour, and a room of 50 square meters or so should choose a purifier with rated air volume of 400 cubic meters per hour. Generally speaking, the larger purifier has stronger purifying capacity, which can be selected by referring to the sample or the introduction in the instruction manual.

Fourth, consider whether the room pattern matches the air purifier

Fashionable modelling and frivolous design can make air purifier display better purify effect not only, also can bring convenience to the user at the same time, can let it become a bit in the bedroom more.

Fifth, do not ignore after-sales service

At present, the air purifiers sold in the market are mixed, consumers should choose as far as possible the sharp platinum air purifier manufacturers to ensure good after-care services. When buying a machine, don't give up quality assurance for the sake of a quick sale. As the air purifiers produced by different companies will have a certain gap in product quality, technical level and after-sales service, it is suggested that consumers should choose products with guaranteed product quality and perfect after-sales service when buying air purifiers. And in the selection process should filter the exaggerated and false information of the sales staff, with a rational attitude to choose the most suitable air purifier.