Common faults and treatment methods of domestic cooling fan

Common faults and treatment methods of domestic cooling fan

Common faults

1. The wet curtain is not wet when the air conditioner is refrigerated:

Air conditioner water distributor block, dredge cleaning can, or no installation level, pad level.

2. The wet curtain shall not be wet when the air conditioner of guangdong reeper is refrigerated (the manual controller displays normal) :

Check whether the water distributor and the water supply pipe of the distributor are blocked, whether the water inlet of the pump is silted, and check whether the pump is working normally.

3. The refrigeration icon on the controller flashes.

This information indicates that the chassis water level in the machine is insufficient. Check whether the inlet pipe valve is closed, the inlet valve is blocked, or whether the water is stopped. If the chassis water level is normal, still showing water shortage fault, it is the water level probe fault.

4, leakage:

A. Water leakage in the inlet pipe: metal pipe is damaged or there is no sealing ring.

B. water leakage from the overflow port of the drain valve: at this time, the water level is too high, and the float ball of the inlet valve should be lowered.

C. Side plate leakage: if there is foreign matter left on the wet curtain, it can be removed, or the machine is not installed horizontally.

5. The air conditioner controller does not show:

At this time check the air - conditioning mechanical and electrical source, electrical protection device whether to operate. In the case of three cameras connected with electricity, whether three lines of fire and zero line are connected with wrong, resulting in the control board's safety line burning.

6. The three-phase machine does not work after starting up. The motor emits weng sound:

If the power is out of phase, check whether the three-phase power is normal.

2. Daily use and maintenance of household cooling fans

1. How to clean the wet curtain?

Remove the side panel wet curtain and rinse with high pressure water. If the substance that is difficult to flush on wet curtain, can use high pressure water first rinse wet curtain and cold air machine flume, spray air conditioning cleaner on wet curtain again, wait for clean fluid to soak wet curtain completely 5 minutes hind, rinse with high pressure water again, till the impurity on wet curtain leaves after can.

2. How to remove the air conditioner odor?

After the air conditioner runs for a long time, if at ordinary times there is no good cleaning and maintenance for the air conditioner, it may cause the air conditioner sent out from the air conditioner has a peculiar smell. At this time, please press 1 step to wash the air conditioner wet curtain and the air conditioner sink. If there is a ventilation function of the machine can be cleaned in the machine for a few minutes, after the cleaning and then press the ventilation key. If still have peculiar smell, can be in turn on the circumstance below, add chlorine dioxide disinfectant to cold air machine flume, let disinfectant be permeated adequately all corners of wet curtain and air conditioning machine, so repeat disinfection a few times can disinfect air conditioning machine peculiar smell.

3. How to maintain the air conditioner when not used for a long time?

It is necessary to carry out simple maintenance for the air conditioner. First close the water source valve of the air conditioner, remove the wet curtain, clean the air conditioner wet curtain in accordance with step 1, and at the same time drain the water in the sink, thoroughly clean the air conditioner sink, have the condition to carry on a comprehensive disinfection. After cleaning, put back the wet curtain. At this point, open the air conditioner fan for 5-8 minutes. After the wet curtain is dried, turn off the main power supply of the air conditioner. If possible, an air conditioner protective cover can be placed on the outer cover of the air conditioner to prevent foreign matter from entering into the air conditioner evaporation curtain.

4. How to carry out the maintenance work before the first operation of guangdong reeper air conditioner?

Remove the wet curtain of the air conditioner, open the water source valve of the air conditioner, check whether the water flowing into the float ball valve is smooth, set the water depth in the water tank, the centrifugal fan needs to oil the bearing with the butter gun, and install the wet curtain rack. At this time, open the air conditioner for a period of time, check whether the wet curtain is evenly soaked in water.

5. Air conditioner takes bath frequently, is healthy and environmentally friendly:

The evaporative air conditioner is energy saving and easy to maintain. Since the air conditioner is installed outside, if it is not cleaned for a long time, the cooling effect and air supply quality will be weakened. Insist on one small wash every three days (the cleaning button on the controller), one medium wash every 30 days (according to 1, manually clean the wet curtain and sink of the air conditioner), and one big wash every year (clean disinfection and refueling).