Do air conditioner fans need to be humidified? Air-conditioner factories to solve the problem

In hot summer, it is more comfortable to stay in the air conditioning room, but if the air conditioning is too long, there will be some discomfort, such as air conditioning, and many people can not air conditioning. This gave rise to air-conditioned fans, which could lower the temperature slightly and feel cool towards the air vents. The air conditioner fan of some manufacturers also add wet function, so today to look, the air conditioner fan humidification function is good or not.

Cooling principle of air conditioner fan

Air conditioner fan is an intermediate product between an electric fan and an air conditioner. Super low cost performance. The common air-conditioner fan manufacturer is to put ice in it to blow out cool air, does not have refrigeration ability. The cool air of the air conditioning fan is weak, and the melting of the ice creates water and steam to increase the humidity of the air.

The actual efficiency of the air-conditioner fan is extremely low, because it is far less efficient to produce ice and then melt the ice to cool it down.

Will the air conditioner be humidified

Air fans equipped with water-cooling units are cooled by a water pump that circulates water in the machine to cool the surrounding air. Summer air is hot and humid, cold wind will be in the air outlet and other places form condensed water.

The company said the air conditioner fans are the most likely to breed bacteria, which can then blow into the air along with the cold wind, and the air coming out is moist, so the elderly and children with poor immunity should use the fans carefully.

Air relative humidity from air conditioning fans is above 80%, which greatly increases the indoor humidity. And the humidity in summer air is high, human body sweat is not easy discharge, can feel sultry, when room temperature is not high, air conditioning fan still has the action of some fan; When the outdoor temperature more than 33 ℃ or higher air humidity, air-conditioning fans rather than can't cooling can make people feel uncomfortable because of high humidity, really need is a desiccant and summer instead of humidification.

Did you see the investment attraction introduction of the above reept air-conditioner fan? The air-conditioner fan is not only bad for humidification, but also has some disadvantages. So use your air conditioner carefully. If you are afraid of getting sick in an air-conditioned room, you can control the cooling temperature of the air conditioner to 26 degrees at room temperature, which will not only make you uncomfortable but also save electricity. Also can add an electric fan in air conditioning room, slight wind is blown, feel very comfortable.