Air conditioner fan manufacturers tell you the difference between air conditioner fan and tower fan!

Air conditioner fan manufacturers tell you the difference between air conditioner fan and tower fan!

In the summer we use more appliances believe that is air conditioning and fans, and now air conditioning fans are also loved by many people, believe that these are more familiar appliances. So what do you know about tower fans? I believe there are still many people do not know about the tower fan, it is the same as the air conditioner fan used to cool down, so what is the difference between the air conditioner fan? Take a look at the introduction!

The difference of air conditioning fan of tower fan

Tower fan concept

Tower fan is also called building fan, its shape is similar to the shape of a building, straight and slender, because of the very image of the shape of this fan, so widely used. Due to the gentle air supply, high frequency and no feeling of dizziness, it is very suitable for the elderly, infants, hospital wards and other people who need to be cared for. Tower fan is mainly used in combination with air conditioning in foreign countries to enhance convection and increase cool feeling, and achieve good energy saving effect.

Air conditioner fan concept

Air conditioning fans are produced by combining the advantages of air conditioning and fan. For example, air conditioners blow out machine wind and must be sealed in the space, which can easily give people a sense of discomfort. Although the fan is a natural wind, if the environment is very dirty then the wind is also very dirty. And a large number of air conditioning fans can filter air, if there is a layer of photocatalyst also can play sterilization effect. The air-conditioner fan only has 60-80w when starting refrigeration and is the same as the refrigerator, so it does not cost electricity.

Advantages and disadvantages of air conditioning fans for tower fans

1. The advantage of the tower fan is that it is small in size and can save space. The wind wheel of the tower fan is penetrating and the air supply is relatively soft. Small grid to avoid hurting children; The main disadvantages of the tower fan are low power and low air supply. High cost and high price; Traditional building fans are not easy to clean.

2. Air-conditioning fans advantages is more than the ordinary fan temperature is low, about 5 ~ 6 ℃ temperature is lower, low power consumption, and a reasonable price. Some products also have warm air effect and the function of adding negative ions, small size, easy to move; The disadvantage of air conditioning fans is that they are not very good for large areas of refrigeration, have no dehumidification function, and are difficult to use where the temperature is high, and increase the humidity in the air when used.